How To Became A Black Metal In Style

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Hello welcome to musik online and today we are going to be talking about the most evil genre of music that ever existed black metal. That's right, today i'm going to coach you how to be black metal. Now i know what we're all theory how can i teach person how to be black metal. Look at me, i'm the last person in the world who can cross as a black metal craftsman like who would actually take me dangerously in pitch-black metal. But the facts of the case of the matter is i actually do listen to a lot of black metal and i like to think i'm at least a little bit well versed in the black metal community.

The Idea

Now the idea of being a black metal artist is being a non-conformist, so simply be sure to follow all these strict rules and you'll be a total non-conformist. So anyway let's firstly address how pitch-black metal was first invented all right. First we're gonna address how to look black metal, so first you're gonna choose your least favorite pitch-black t-shirt and you're gonna chipped the arms off. Snippy's society wants your appendages to be intact but we are true evil true rebellion slurps. And then you're gonna need a duo of black pantalones a super misfortune gnarly belt with a super gnarly evil belt buckle. A big belt buckle and don't forget to form your own custom inverted cross necklace, because we're immorality that's what cruelty beings do. Yeah and then to transcend everything there is off. A black wig, hmmm... i look more like joey ramone 20-20-24 hours. 

The Style

Now that whatever you said now there's only one thing left and then we will look true black metal evil and that is abundant amounts of makeup motive good-for-nothing. Says evil like makeup. It is time to apply our makeup we're like daughters, so there we go. What do you guys think ?, i'm sorry that's probably so creepy and voila the penguin "cat-o-nine-tail" watch tirade but for black metal the key is spates and lots of makeup. It's not announced makeup it's called body coat, you find no.,no it's makeup. I entail it's makeup, it's what daughters wear to look pretty. Now for the most obvious and most important part of our pitch-black metal get up the fingernail wristbands and shin pads. What do you think that's totally evil. Now be careful because these things are gnarly, they could cause bodily injury and they can cause property damage as well oh someone keyed my automobile before all else we need a black metal call because i can't be stevie t and be liberating black metal cloth people would laugh at me so to find a pitch-black metal identify all you really have to do is google a index of beast honours and then you time close your eyes and time and there you go you have your black metal name my color midriff mention is kane. i came i came it came. 

The Band

Now we just need a pitch-black metal band honour. Only choice any names that sound evil so on the one pas i could call my band fire flame inferno or frozen wood frost. I think i have my brand-new black metal clique word. Now i present to you my pitch-black metal circle frozen timber frost and of course you have to have a band logo or a banned font and you want it to be as unreadable as possible. In fact really see squiggly words and that's your stripe typeface, because if people can speak your strip epithet it means you're a sellout and you're mainstream and you should probably just go be a pop star and don't forget it is a strict rule that in pitch-black metal. Each band's font have an inverted cross on either aspiration because we're super super sin. I can't even speculate how evil we are this stevie t is "re making fun of". my style he must be sacrificed because we are true brutality grandma's here. Wait i can't be seen by her looking like this grandma. 

The Instrument

All right so now we're gonna be talking about how to write black metal music. Now you're gonna pick up a pitch-black guitar. It has to be a black guitar any other guitar is not evil but i'm expending a seven string because i'm likewise quite genty. I'm gonna be using my sexy seven string guitar. All right so now as a pitch-black metal guitarist. All you really need to know how to do is to trim pick and do octaves and that's all you're gonna need to know to write a black metal song, that's it. 

The Composition Of Music

Now when writing color metal music you're gonna exclusively want to focus on evil voice scales to write your sungs. Like if you were to use the major scale you'd have a happy voice pitch-black metal song and we all know what happens when black metal rackets happy and pitch-black metal might as well be called carpal tunnel core because at the end of a black metal song you're gonna have carpal tunnel in your wrists. I'm calling in regards to a smudge in your pitch-black metal circle. What do you like to do in your spare time? Well you know i like to burn faiths, you know i.. i like to sacrifice swine and i too experience killing my comrade clique copulates and uh eating their innards as a sacrifice to the dark lord are you true evil?